“This Is MY Spot!”

Yesterday afternoon there were a few egrets out fishing in the salt marsh among the oyster beds.

Suddenly one came swooping in and rudely chased off his friend. It’s not like there is only a tiny area to fish in, there is plenty of room for everybody. But not to these guys who take it personally when another bird invades ‘their’ spot!

Egret Gets Chased

Egret Gets Chased

16 thoughts on ““This Is MY Spot!”

    • We still have egrets coming out of our ears here and will soon begin the countdown for spoonbill arrival. Hopefully some spoonies show up last week in June so we have a month to go yet.

    • What’s amazing is that one will fly a considerable distance, against a strong wind, just to chase off another one.
      Other times 4 or 5 of them can all fish in the same spot and get along fine. Goofy birds. o_O

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