Hopped Up

A great blue heron surprised me by suddenly jumping up out of the reeds in the salt marsh. I didn’t even know the bird was in there, and he reminded me of a pheasant being flushed out from the brush.

Not sure what the big rush was, but these guys never need an excuse to act impulsively.

GBH Hops Out Of The Reeds

GBH Hops Out Of The Reeds

6 thoughts on “Hopped Up

  1. I love these action shots of a favourite, Phil! The markings in the second one are just exquisite! There was a great article in the Mail yesterday – a grey heron flew into No. 10 Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister, and sat above the front door! Apparently the Egyptians considered the heron to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, the Iroquois worshipped the blue heron as a good omen and a symbol of luck and other Native American tribes prized the heron’s inquisitiveness, curiosity and determination! This beautiful bird has had quite a following!

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