Where’s Radar?!?

Many of you will likely remember seeing photos of our pal “Radar.” He is the great egret with the transmitter pack attached to his back with antennas sticking out.

He is has been a regular fixture over at the marsh for a few year years now and generally never goes far. Even if we don’t see him for a day or two he always eventually shows up to assume command over his area of operation.

But he has not been seen in a good three months now. We did get a report that he was spotted a month or so ago over at a rookery where egrets and other birds nest. So it is possible that our good buddy Radar found himself a lady and is now a daddy.

I strongly suspect though that once his family obligations are met he will return to his usual spots along the marsh and assume his regular duties of chasing off other birds.

More photos and adventures of Radar going back to the summer of 2012 can be seen here: https://phillanoue.com/category/radar/

Radar Flight

8 thoughts on “Where’s Radar?!?

  1. Oh boy! That’s great news if so Phil, little Radars prancing away. Let’s just make sure Papa Radar is still very much alive; the marsh would never be the same without his perpetual commanding presence.

    • We figure he will only be able to maintain a family lifestyle for a short time before it really starts to bother him and he feels compelled to return and man his usual post along the marsh area.

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