All Fluffed Up

A snowy egret in the salt marsh this afternoon seemed aggravated over the heat wave we’re currently experiencing here in the south. Right now, nobody at the marsh is in a particularly good mood.

I didn’t see any alligators out. Probably a good thing…

Snowy Fluffing Up

Snowy Fluffing Up

Snowy Fluffing Up

Snowy Fluffing Up


20 thoughts on “All Fluffed Up

  1. He does look a little peeved about something. Great captures. (I’ve missed visiting here the past months, Phil…)

  2. Goodness! He does not look happy. I wouldn’t be either if it’s hot! Cooled way down out here on our coast. Back to thickest hoodie weather.

    • 99F in Myrtle Beach again today. The wildlife did not seem particularly thrilled about that. We are fine though, the AC is cranking at home and the beach has been great!

  3. Beautiful Shot and beautiful bird…but he does look a bit upset over something..or annoyed…well, atleast he is near a beach, good way to cool off…..Thanks again Phil for sending me some beautiful shots.

    • Well the thing about snowys is that they are almost perpetually annoyed about something. One can fish by himself Ok enough but get a crowd and there will be issues.

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