Heading Back

An osprey flies back from the ocean where he just plucked himself out a nice fish. It’s an odd looking fish though, I’m not sure what type it is. Usually I see the ospreys with mullet or a similar species, guess this guy wanted a little variety added to the usual seafood buffet.

Osprey Flying Back With Fish

Osprey Flying Back With Fish

Osprey Flying Back With Fish

12 thoughts on “Heading Back

  1. That is an amazing capture Mr Phil! They were just discussing how the osprey almost crosses his legs to orient the fish while flying. Making things more aerodynamic to avoid the loss of a hard earned meal! Unless an eagle comes to steal its previous catch!

    • The osprey did seem quite pleased with his catch and I’m sure if he is bringing it to a nest for a kids meal they will enjoy it. But sometimes the eagles and osprey will keep and eat a fish for themselves but they do have to eat too so we understand.

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