Working For Your Breakfast

It’s a rough morning when you have to struggle with your own breakfast.

This egret plucked a fresh and feisty eel out of the salt marsh this morning and it took him a good ten minutes to wrangle the wriggling snack down. But the hard work paid off and he did eventually manage just fine.
Although, I expect that eel has to be alive for a little while anyway in the bird’s stomach which must be an odd feeling.

Egret Snags an Eel

Egret Snags an Eel

Egret Snags an Eel

Egret Snags an Eel

7 thoughts on “Working For Your Breakfast

  1. Oh interesting capture here too! So the poor eel is gulped down that long neck alive as dinner really? I wonder, does the prey stand any slim chance of escaping the stomach if eaten in that condition or can the bird digest it bones and all really?!

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