Sunset Cruise

Yesterday evening I grabbed a shot of this great blue heron as he was flying out across the marsh.

I was shooting directly into the warm setting sunlight which was backlighting the heron as he glided through.

GBH Flight at Sunset

14 thoughts on “Sunset Cruise

    • I just kind of winged it on this one honestly (I probably shouldn’t reveal that) 🙂 I figured I would just bang off a few shots on spec and if I got anything then great.
      I had a couple that I liked better than this but I cut off his feetsies. As it is, I almost cut the front of his beak off here.

  1. What a beautiful shot. Sometimes the best shots are the ones you least expect and are definately spur of the moment, but as i said before its the photographer, yes its great to have a good camera and that helps, but you can have someone who doesnt have any eye for photography behind it and it looks like the first Kodak Instamatic when the flash didnt go off…..(dont know if your that age to remember it) but even with that camera, if you had an eye for photography the pics came out pretty good!!!…dont know where this came from…just thought about it..and still have the first ones they were selling at the NYC Worlds Fair 1962……I wonder if it still works…lol

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