2 Errors On The Day

This morning a great blue heron and an egret were fishing nearby each other in the salt marsh. They were getting along fine because they were on a pool of baitfish and everybody was snatching them up as fast as they could.

They were going so fast that they each dropped a fish in their excitement to wolf them down so quickly.

Normally both birds, but especially the blue heron, would rather catch one or two large fish than have to use the energy to catch lots of small ones. But it all turns out fine in the end because if a bird eats enough of the tiny fish they will get filled up, it will just take a bit longer.

Everybody Dropped One

Everybody Dropped One

10 thoughts on “2 Errors On The Day

  1. I don’t know how I missed these – two of my favourites! Beautiful detail in these closeups, love it! Thea’s first look at a GBH – she loved the colours and the “fiery” beak! Another fan!

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