First Spoonie!

This morning we started to receive reports that a roseate spoonbill had been spotted at the marsh. This would be the first sighting of one of our pink spoonie friends for the year so we excitedly rushed over.

By the time we got there the spoonbill had (of course) flown off and gone back deep into the swamp where it could not be seen.

We hung around for a while hoping he would fly back out and sure enough he did. The spoonbill flew out high across the marsh, then circled around flying across the trees before landing along the far edge where he stayed for only a moment before heading back over to the swamp again for the day.

He might come back out later this evening and hopefully go check out the salt marsh for low tide. But in any case it was nice to see one of these fun and interesting birds again. It’s been a long 9 months since our last pink visitors were here and we certainly hope lots of this guy’s friends show up soon!

Spoonbill Arrives at the Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives at the Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives at the Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives at the Marsh

Spoonbill Arrives at the Marsh

31 thoughts on “First Spoonie!

  1. Beautiful photos! Have been waiting on your Spoonie pics. So glad you were able to catch the return of this one. It seems to me to have been such a strange “bird” season this year. Hope more spoonies soon return to join this one. Any word on Radar yet?

    • Thanks so much for checking these out!
      Oh boy, still no sightings of our pal Radar. We are not yet ready to presume he is dead, but are concerned.
      We all look for him every day. If there are 100 egrets around we have someone with a scope looking at them all.

    • Thanks so much Sylvia glad you liked seeing our pink friend.
      We don’t know whether he is late or early. Some used to always show up end of June or first few days in July which would make him late. But last summer none showed up until Aug 1 so who knows? 🙂

  2. roseta spoonbills are very common in salt marsh of south Louisiana. The food they eat turns them more pink. Crustacean are big in their diet. Great picture. What size lens do you use most of the time?

    • They do love to eat a lot of the small glass shrimp we have in the salt marsh. But they eat small fish too.
      Thanks for looking and commenting. I usually use a 300 with a 1.4 extender attached making it a 420.

    • I don’t think there is any bird or any aspect of wildlife that I have more pictures of. I can’t help myself, when these guys come in I try to physically stop myself from taking more but I always end up with lots anyway. Gotta love these guys!

    • Green trees or reeds is my absolute 100% favorite background for these birds too! Something about the way the pink stands out. Glad you enjoy seeing that as well.

  3. Thea’s first look at a spoonie – she was most impressed “Very gorgeous!” was the comment! She and I both loved the last one – like something from Swan Lake – only pink!

  4. Came to this series in reverse order. Saw the newest one first, and am glad this guy made another appearance. Beautiful bird. I just love the spoonies!

  5. Beautiful pink spoonie, what a beautiful shot of such a beautiful bird. Never saw in person a pink bird… these pictures, it does remind me of Swan Lake…..

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