Still Here

We went over this morning hoping the new spoonbill arrival was still in the area, and at first we couldn’t see him anywhere.

Finally, to our delight, he showed up and came flying right in to the salt marsh. It was low tide this morning, so I’m sure that appealed to the spoonie because they generally prefer feeding in the shallow water depth of the lower tide.

He walked around for a while doing some casual fishing (or quite likely shrimping) but then he spotted one of his wood stork buddies over at the far back edge of the pond and flew over to join Woody.

We thought he might spend the morning there but after an hour or so many of the wood storks flew over to the salt marsh side to do a little feeding of their own. The spoonbill faithfully followed as they like to pal around with the storks.

But spoonie did not stay long, he lifted his head up, took a look around, and jumped off flying directly across from me. Initially, he flew out toward the ocean but then did a wide overhead circle and the last I saw he was headed for the swamp which is where he likely spent the rest of his day.

Fun seeing the pink guy for a second day and nice to know he is staying around. Hopefully some of his friends show up soon.

Spoonbill in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill in the Salt Marsh

32 thoughts on “Still Here

    • Those wood storks can use all the help they can get. It’s funny how the spoonbills do like to hang around with the storks. They like the ibis too. All have funny faces so that’s something in common anyway. 🙂

  1. Wonderful shots. I’ve never seen one close to. Occasionally we see single birds when bonefishing far out in the mangroves swamps, but only at a “pink blur yes that really is a spoonbill” kind of distance! RH

    • Sadly, I suspect he left yesterday right after he flew by me. He did two very high and wide circles around the whole area and I believe he may have been looking for pink friends. After seeing none he took off south in a high hurry.
      Maybe he will come back and bring friends. 🙂

    • It’s sure close to having two spoonies!
      I already think he left though. I have not talked to anybody that saw him today.
      Hopefully he comes back with several friends soon though.

  2. Such magnificient pictures and the pink spoonie is so incredible, what a beautiful bird, your pictures really capture the greatness of nature…

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