Spoonbills Surprise Everybody

We had a few spoonbills show up in the marsh this evening which was a bit of a shock because we had practically given up on seeing any this summer.

Unfortunately they mostly stayed way back against the far edge of the pond area except for a brief visit to the salt marsh.

At one point it seemed an egret was as surprised as the rest of us when three spoonies came by interrupting his preening session. The egret gave them a look as if he was thinking…”what the heck are these goofy pink things?!”

In any case it was good seeing some of our pink visitors and hopefully they will decide to stick around for a while!

Spoonbills Arrive in the Marsh

Spoonbills Arrive in the Marsh

Spoonbills Arrive in the Marsh

16 thoughts on “Spoonbills Surprise Everybody

    • Yes and I resisted giving them a good scolding for showing up late. I was happy to see them and all is forgiven.
      But they better not pull this stunt again next summer! 😳

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