Fun With Spoonbills!

Yesterday evening we had four spoonbills show up (finally) in the marsh area. So we had to go over this morning to see if they stayed through the night.

Initially we only saw the one. He seemed a bit overwhelmed at being surrounded by wood storks for most of the time, but he also made the best of the situation. At one point the lone spoonie decided to have a little fun and he picked up a lost wood stork feather and played around with that for a while.

Finally I spotted one of his buddies flying in from across the marsh, he did one slow circle then landed in to join his friend.

They were quite active and one even tried giving his spoonie pal a hard time by nipping at the tail feathers a bit.

Soon the last two came gliding in together and the entire crew was together again. Of course Mr. You Know Who had to get involved. Perhaps he remembers these guys from last summer and wanted to make they understand that he is in charge of the entire area. (well until a bigger alligator comes along)

When we it started to rain we left while the four pink friends appeared to be settling in for some grooming and a nice afternoon nap. Fun morning out there for sure!

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

Fun With Spoonbills

23 thoughts on “Fun With Spoonbills!

    • The spoonbills often hang with the wood storks, and it is not extremely uncommon to find one lone spoonie palling around with the storks if none of his pink friends are around. Funny to see though.

  1. They are so beautiful, good to see that nature where you are is still so beautiful, miss the birds in the south, very exotic and beauty of nature.

    • If you were over here yesterday you would have been sick of taking close up photos of them. Sorry to bring that up cause I know what you mean, I have friends that get photos of large mammals that I will never see.

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