Pop Up

This juvenile little blue heron surprised me with a quick pop up out from the reeds in the salt marsh this afternoon.

Little blue herons are interesting because they start out their lives as all white immature birds, then gradually begin to change into the blue adults they will eventually become. At this stage they can easily be confused with snowy egrets which are almost identical. But snowys start out white and remain all white into adult hood.

I was happy to see this guy because I generally see a lot more adult little blues then the juveniles so it was a fun sight!

Little Blue Heron Juvenile

11 thoughts on “Pop Up

    • Believe it or not, I actually think about, and try to get birds in an appealing background setting. Sometimes they cooperate and fly in those spots but mostly they don’t.
      Thanks Maggie! 🙂

    • This is one bird that I have to look more then once or twice to be sure it’s not a snowy egret, they are so close to identical. But that’s also one of the main reasons I don’t spend much time trying to find and photograph the tiny birds, they have so many minute variations it would drive me crazy for sure.
      Thanks for checking this out!

  1. This may have solved a big question for me. I’ve been trying to identify a bird on the edges of my lake in the upstate for 3 days. Perhaps, tomorrow am, with a new look, I may know what I have!
    Thanks for sharing all of your work with us, and your knowledge as well!

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