“Go Eat Someplace Else!”

This past weekend a great blue heron was relaxing in the salt marsh when he noticed an ibis taking a nice slow stroll over in his direction.

At first the heron didn’t pay much attention to the visitor until the ibis started to feed close…real close. By the time the ibis started picking around the heron’s feet, he’d had enough.

Big blue coiled up his neck and whipped his head around and gave the ibis a shot sending the curve billed intruder scurrying.

Of course after all that, the ibis just continued on his way like nothing had ever happened while the blue heron kept a watchful eye out for any further infractions.

GBH and Ibis

GBH and Ibis

GBH and Ibis

GBH and Ibis

GBH and Ibis

GBH and Ibis

15 thoughts on ““Go Eat Someplace Else!”

  1. Beautiful Phil. I lost your link and just found it again.:) My main computer has been in the shop all summer.:( Looks like a new one might be the fix.:)

  2. Beautiful pictures Phil, its amazing how you catch the action right in the middle and the clarity of the pictures are amazing. Thanks Phil for your great shots.

  3. Phil, great narrative and pic series – as usual. Looking forward to appreciating these beautiful creatures first hand soon! Speaking of, sent an email a few days back to the email address in this blog. Per chance, have you see it?

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