Enjoying The Day

Yesterday morning a tricolored heron was standing around on a small island out in the marsh just trying to enjoy a nice relaxing day in the sun.

Soon a young alligator came floating over to claim his own spot on the island. The little tri took immediate notice and at first seemed somewhat flustered over the presence of the new arrival and even backed off a bit.

But as the alligator snuck further up into the weeds, the heron realized he had important matters to attend to (such as fishing) so he casually went back about his business. Well…not completely casual, the tricolored still decided it would be wise to do the occasional look back just to be sure.

But, as these things usually turn out, everybody wanted the same thing, just to be able to enjoy a beautiful day and soak up some sun. They each had their own way of going about it though, the heron wanted to fish a little, and the alligator wanted a nap.

Alligator and Tricolor

Alligator and Tricolor

Alligator and Tricolor

Alligator and Tricolor

Alligator and Tricolor

Alligator and Tricolor

11 thoughts on “Enjoying The Day

    • Too funny! I was thinking the exact same thing and almost put something in the story about ‘well at least somebody out there has the right idea and knows what they are doing’. 🙂

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