Changing Things Up

I thought I would give you all a bit of a break from the alligator enjoying his fish dinner to these views of a great blue heron zooming across the salt marsh.

This was earlier in the week before the tropical system moved over us and turned our blue skies grey and full of water, which has been pouring down on us since Thursday. Heavy rain is expected to continue tomorrow and into Monday.

This shows the marsh in happier times this past Tuesday when that big bright yellow thing in the sky was still providing light. Seems like so long ago now, especially since the entire marsh area is almost completely flooded over due to the combination of steady rain and higher than normal tides. The hurricane which passed by our coast briefly ended up having no effect on our situation, we were getting all this rain regardless.

So anyway, look for our good pal Mr. A to be back in the next few days with more thrilling tales from the seafood buffet. 🙂

Blue Heron Flies Across the Salt Marsh

Blue Heron Flies Across the Salt Marsh

Blue Heron Flies Across the Salt Marsh

Blue Heron Flies Across the Salt Marsh

12 thoughts on “Changing Things Up

  1. Well, I guess I have never looked that closely at the Great Blue Heron. I never noticed the bits of orang red on him until these photos.
    I like the background as well.

  2. These are brilliant, Phil! Yet again you have picked a perfect background for this gorgeous bird! We have seen awful pictures on the news of the flooding in South Carolina and thought of you both. Hope you are ok!

    • Things are quite bad here Maggie. The governor of South Carolina has declared a state of emergency going back to Thursday.
      Nearby Myrtle Beach has declared an official civil emergency. Many cities and towns have significant areas under water and have declared mandatory evacuations.
      We have friends that are our next door neighbors that were traveling this weekend and are now stuck just outside North Carolina. They will not be able to get into the state today and may not be able to even get home tomorrow. This is historic flooding for South Carolina.
      Alyce and I are doing OK for now and our home is not flooding at this time. We had a bit of a reprieve from the rain this afternoon but it’s supposed to come right back heavy again tonight and overnight and through tomorrow. We just really hope we don’t lose power, that would be bad.
      If we get lucky we will get through this relatively unscathed but won’t know for sure until sometime tomorrow or possibly later.
      Also this rain had absolutely nothing to do with the hurricane that was off our coast, this rain was coming regardless.
      Alyce and I went out briefly earlier and checked out the inlet at high tide (we live in Murrells Inlet) lots of confused birds such as egrets and blue herons all over the place. It’s crazy out there.
      We will keep y’all updated.

    • Thanks Charlie. Things are crazy out there and even in bird world. We went over earlier this afternoon to check out the inlet marsh area during high tide and there were egrets and herons all over the place looking very confused.
      Clapper rails which normally hide themselves in the reeds and grasses have no place to hide and are standing on small bits of floating reeds right out in the open. Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Georgetown… all flooded. SC Gov. on TV right now.

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