Well I’m not sure if this alligator from several days ago was filling up because he knew what was coming, but he was smart to stock up before the storm hit.

We have had historical rainfall here in South Carolina starting on Thursday and continuing on into tomorrow. The Governor of SC declared a state of emergency earlier this weekend and many towns are suffering from severe flooding with businesses, residences, and roadways under water.

This afternoon I took out the little waterproof point and shoot and went over at high tide to check out the inlet area which is just north of the salt marsh. I wanted to see if the goats over on goat island were Ok. From what I learned they are all huddled together in their little ‘goat hut’ on the far right portion of the island which was cut off from the main section.

Before leaving I also found this clapper rail right next to the marshwalk area. Clapper rails are normally secretive birds that you can often hear but rarely see because they prefer to stay hidden among the tall marsh grass and reeds. But this poor little guy had nowhere to hide. He was stuck walking around on some small sections of floating reeds in the deep water of the inlet caused by the rain and high tide.

I have also included a picture of the goats from two weeks ago during happier times before the storms hit.

We are hoping things begin to improve but are being promised yet more rain tonight and Monday morning so we shall see…

Rain Day

Rain Day

Rain Day

Rain Day

Rain Day

Rain Day

Rain Day


13 thoughts on “Gulp

    • Thanks, it has been crazy. But we also had a cruel joke played on us by Mother Nature. A short time ago some clouds parted and we actually had a brief glimpse of sunlight! Storm all over right?!? No! A little later thunder was rumbling again and it’s supposed to rain all night and we could get an additional 8 inches of rain overnight! There is no place for the rain to go with the ground so saturated.

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stops soon. Conditions look dire in your neck of the woods. Love the dancing goats pic. They’re so cute. 🙂 That Clapper Rail doesn’t look very happy, but maybe they don’t smile even if they are. Amazing capture of Mr. A and his flying fish, eyes and all. 😛

    • Well we are hoping to emerge unscathed by the storm but lots more rain is expected this evening and overnight so who knows. Our next door neighbors were traveling this weekend but can’t get home and are stuck in NC because the highways are shut down.
      Goats are hysterical. Someone looking at that photo said it looked like one was playing the piano for the dancing pair.
      We saw a few clappers out and they looked quite confused and seriously irritated.
      The alligators don’t seem to care for rain much but they do like high water because it makes swimming so nice and easy. And they do love easy.

  2. Oh no! Sounds like you’re really taking a battering 😦 We had it similar a couple of years back and I couldn’t get anywhere close to some of my local nature reserves! Herds of cattle and horses where having to be rescued from farms and people were forced out of their homes for months if not longer. It was a frightening time for many. Stay safe whatever you’re doing! The land and wildlife will recover in time.

  3. Glad the goats are OK. Hope the rain stops soon it’s been days since I’ve seen sunshine😎
    Hope we can get to Huntington in a couple days to walk and enjoy nature.
    Soggy here in PI

  4. Crazy good first photo – raining fish!

    I was getting tired of rain after a couple of drizzly days but you seriously topped that with your weather. Hope you can stay dry!

  5. That poor little rail! It must be so awful for all the poor creatures of the marsh! The pictures you have taken are pretty scary. For you and Alyce too, I imagine! Take care of yourselves and let us know how you are doing.

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