Woody Squirms His Way Into A Big Dinner

Yesterday, late afternoon in the salt marsh, we suddenly looked up and a wood stork came walking out of the reeds with a huge eel he’d just caught. Actually, we believe his catch may be a siren which is a type of giant salamander.

In any case Woody was thrilled with his dinner entrée until the struggle caught the attention of one of his friends. Woody was not about to share or give up his wriggling meal so he quickly got away from the uninvited guest and ended up right in front of me.

The battle continued for a total of five minutes until Woody was finally able to wrestle down the unhappy creature in one whole swallow.

You can tell from the look of satisfaction on Woody’s face that this was the finest meal he had eaten in quite some time. The siren however, must have had a different viewpoint on how the day turned out.

Woody Eats A Big Eel

Woody Eats A Big Eel

Woody Eats A Big Eel

Woody Eats A Big Eel

Woody Eats A Big Eel

Woody Eats A Big Eel

16 thoughts on “Woody Squirms His Way Into A Big Dinner

    • Hey thanks much Charlie glad you liked these. The subject matter was a little rough with the slimey eel and Woody doesn’t exactly have a pretty face but so it goes in nature.

  1. PS sorry to hear you have had even more rain! I always thought that that was a UK prerogative! Very glad to hear that you and Alyce have come through ok. I do hope that the water levels begin to go down soon, for the sake of the animals and humans.

  2. Amazing capture here too! So in the end the fighting big siren was swallowed down alive?? I wonder if they prey stand any slim chance (that size!) of escaping or even damaging Woody’s stomach/insides if eaten in that condition as well?! If not, can the bird really digest its unlucky prey bones and all.

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