The “Flasher”

A great blue heron strikes the ‘flasher’ pose at the edge of the salt marsh this afternoon.

We believe it is actually a way for birds like this to thermo regulate their body temp. Possibly gathering and reflecting sun into their core to warm them up especially after the many days of rain and wind they had to deal with.

Lots more bathing taking place today as well, and everybody is out actively seeking food and enjoying a nice sunny day!

The Flasher GBH

13 thoughts on “The “Flasher”

    • We were as happy as the wildlife to get a couple sunny days after the horrendous storms we endured. Sadly so many here are still under water. Thanks much for checking this out and glad you liked the GBH!

    • Really wish we could share the ‘wealth’, SC got a thousand year rain. One estimate I heard was that if all this rain we got were snow, it would be equivalent to 18 feet of snow.
      Thanks for checking out our extra fun GBH!

    • Everybody was happy with the sun yesterday but today what do we get…? More rain. Yes, more rain. I only had ten minutes at the marsh this afternoon before we had to flee to avoid the rain. At least this is supposed to blow by later this evening then be nice and sunny all week. Some folks here are still in very bad shape and still under water. Alyce and I got lucky.

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