It May Not Look Like Much…

But the osprey from this past weekend was happy to have caught even a fairly small fish. These birds are very hard workers and we can often  see some ospreys circling and swooping down time after time with no success. So when one finally snags a fish, even what may amount to only a snack is welcome.

After finishing his treat up in a nearby tree, this osprey will be right back at it again. Like I said, they are hard workers.

Osprey Flying with Fish From the Salt Marsh

Osprey Flying with Fish From the Salt Marsh

18 thoughts on “It May Not Look Like Much…

  1. That’s why we love these birds so much! …Looks like a juvie to me. Good for you young one! Here’s to a very long and happy life.

    • I feel so bad for the osprey when one loses a fish to the pirate but the osprey just goes right back to fishing. Not much choice. You want to eat you have to catch and keep fish.

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