So NOW One Shows Up?!?

We went the entire month of Sept. with zero spoonbills in the marsh. July some were here for two days, Aug, five were here a week. That was it, the worst summer for spoonies in a really long time!

So this afternoon we shockingly receive a report that one lone pink spoonbill was spotted far out in the salt marsh. Sure enough, we arrive and there is indeed one young spoonie out there with some egrets and wood storks, but at a good distance out and too far for photos. Plus the bird starts to move rapidly as it’s feeding among the reeds and finally just disappears from view.

An hour goes by and I suddenly see it pop up from out there in the reeds and quickly fly a short distance across the marsh. I banged off a few shots and only managed to get a couple flight pics before he landed again. I was also shooting south across the marsh where normally I’m shooting looking north, that is why people and the walkway on that side as visible in the second shot.

Oh well, it was nice to see the one but couldn’t he have been more cooperative and brought some friends and maybe come in a bit closer. You know, just to be photographer friendly?!

Possibly he will still be around tomorrow but the way this season has gone I strongly doubt he will be. We shall see…

Spoonbill Finally Shows Up

Spoonbill Finally Shows Up

9 thoughts on “So NOW One Shows Up?!?

    • Yeah I wasn’t thrilled that the pink guy ended up on that side but I got a little lucky when some cloud cover moved in because otherwise the spoonie would have been 100% back lit if it was still full sun.
      Glad you liked the different view though. 🙂 I think in general I should seriously consider posting some more overall views, just to give folks a better idea of how things look around there.
      Of course the way things went this season this will likely be the last glimpse I’ll have of spoonbills for 2015.
      Maybe next year… 🙂

      • Hopefully next year!! Yes it would be really nice to see some general views to get more of an idea of the overall habitat but I’m also interested to see how the access has been created 🙂 Back-lit just wouldn’t have worked for a spoonie! You need to see that pink 🙂

  1. Wow, I hope our pink friend can stay at Huntington one more day so I can see him in person.
    If not, I’ll enjoy your images of him.

    • I’m hoping he sticks around for a while but he didn’t look like a regular, more like he was lost. It would be even better if some of his friends show up. I’ll probably go back early afternoon tomorrow to look for him. We can always hope…

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