More Spoonbill Fun

Here’s a few more shots from yesterday of our goofy pink visitors. I never get tired of watching these birds and taking photos of their antics, and hope y’all enjoy them as well.

And of course…off in the background of the third photo is, well, you know. 🙂

More Spoonbill Fun

More Spoonbill Fun

More Spoonbill Fun

15 thoughts on “More Spoonbill Fun

  1. Pure magic. I could sit and watch them forever. We have Spoonbills visiting the Cley Reserve in Norfolk, but I have never seen such gorgeous pink beauties. Wonderful shots, Phil.
    Wishing you a great weekend, Dina x

    • Thanks so much Dina and I’m glad you enjoyed seeing our pink visitors!
      Hope you have a terrific weekend as well. We will be heading over to the inlet later to check on the goats and watch all the various wildlife (human and animal) 😀

    • Thanks!
      Well it’s funny about the new camera. Yes I think it’s working better, almost as if it’s now broken in which of course doesn’t make a lot of sense. But mainly I think I have changed my shooting style and focusing procedures somewhat to better accommodate how this camera works. Shouldn’t be that way but never the less, here we are.

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