Friends Arrive!

Well our one lone surprise spoonbill from yesterday was still in the marsh area today, plus he brought friends!

Three additional spoonies were seen this morning at the far back edge of the marsh pond, but by the afternoon only three were spotted but they made a much appreciated visit to the salt marsh during low tide.

As is typical, Mister You Know Who felt compelled to be part of the show if not the star. (well, in his mind he’s always the star)

The three spoonbills spent some time feeding in the salt marsh and made a few short flight hops which provided some fun photo opportunities.

I have a ton of pictures of the spoonbill trio from today (along with the star attraction) which I’ll be posting in the coming days, but for now I thought I would just present a few representative views of what took place this afternoon.

It certainly was great to see the pink visitors especially since we felt so deprived after getting no sightings at all in Sept. But all is forgiven, they are here now, for how long we don’t know, but after all South Carolina has gone through in recent weeks their arrival was a welcome sight indeed!

Surprise Spoonbills

Surprise Spoonbills

Surprise Spoonbills

14 thoughts on “Friends Arrive!

  1. They are certainly georgous birds, and have seen all the geese up here flying south, and hear them, those are some smart birds and they know when to go. I wonder where do these beautiful spoonies come from, do they fly from somewhere else, I know it isnt from the north, but one never knows, I never saw one up here, and some geese flying south means going to Brooklyn, NY, used to see thousands of them nesting on the blet parkway in brooklyn….better than here atleast its atleast 20 degrees warmer….

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