Laying down On The Job

Well everyone knows that a nice bunch of matted down dried reeds makes a comfy spot to lay around on and enjoy the warm sun.

And, as expected, this young alligator was out Wed. afternoon taking advantage of the whole situation. What we did not expect, or remember even seeing before, was a great blue heron laying down on the job. Herons like this are wading birds! If they are not flying they are standing…always…standing. They stand when fishing and even when relaxing they just stand around and watch the world go by.

But this blue heron must have decided that the alligators have the right idea and why should they have all fun?! This particular heron was going to lay right down like he was a nesting chicken and simply enjoy the day.

Well all righty then!

Laying down on the Job

Laying down on the Job

14 thoughts on “Laying down On The Job

  1. Wow. We don’t have alligators where I live, but do have lots of Great Blue Herons. I’ve spent lots of hours observing the herons and can’t say that I have ever seen one assume that position. It’s always wonderful to be able to catch a familiar subject doing something unusual.

    • Funny you mention that, we suspected he might have a hurt foot, so it’s possible he was giving it a rest. Always love seeing the GBH in any case, they are fun, interesting birds.

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