Leaving Again

Well the good news is that a few of the spoonbills are still being seen around the marsh area. The bad news is that every time I have seen them in the past several days, they were leaving and going back out into the marsh, way too far off for pictures.

These spoonie shots here were from this afternoon and they were as usual heading away from me. Don’t these dopey birds realize they are not at all being photographer friendly?!? They have a responsibility to come in close, be active and most importantly, look super cute. Instead I get a view of tail feathers as they unceremoniously depart the scene. Very rude. You don’t catch the alligators doing that, they love to stick around in hopes of getting extra screen time.

I’m seriously going to need to speak to these spatula beaks and explain how things are done around here.

Spoonbills Leaving

Spoonbills Leaving

Spoonbills Leaving

Spoonbills Leaving

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