Nothing Interferes With Nap Time…

So this morning had our pal Mr. A enjoying a pleasant snooze in the sun on his own little private island out in the marsh pond.

There was a snowy egret tucked back into the reeds out there with him, but Mr. A paid no attention. Suddenly a great egret comes swooping in unexpectedly! This gets the snowy all riled up, plus the egret comes in with a bit of an attitude which could mean some additional drama.

But interestingly, although snowys often fight with other snowys, and egrets constantly chase around other egrets, the two different species generally get along just fine so once they both calmed down and realized it was no big deal, all was peaceful once again.

Now you would think this would cause our good buddy to wake up all grumpy and make some sort of a fuss. But no sir, not on this sunny morning, Mr. A never even cracked open an eye. You find a nice comfy spot to nap away the day in the sun and nothing is going to interfere with that.  🙂

Nothing Interferes With Nap Time

Nothing Interferes With Nap Time

Nothing Interferes With Nap Time

Nothing Interferes With Nap Time

Nothing Interferes With Nap Time

12 thoughts on “Nothing Interferes With Nap Time…

  1. Wow! Mr A was really out for the count. I wish that I was such a sound sleeper. The slightest sound wakes me, and then I can get very grumpy. As for someone snapping away at me whilst I’m in dreamland, well I wouldn’t put up with that at all. What a liberty! 😄

    • Oh I am a very light sleeper as well. How I envy Mr. A’s ability to snooze through all the commotion.
      Plus I’m lucky he doesn’t much mind me around being my own sort of nuisance. 🙂

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