Well That May Have Been Unexpected

Despite it being a grey, rainy, and super windy day over at the salt marsh, we still had the four visiting spoonies out doing their thing.

They seemed to be in a feeding frenzy and perhaps they are stuffing themselves in anticipation of more foul weather coming in, or they might be planning to fly back south soon.

In any case it’s still great to have them around and they sure help brighten a cloudy day.

At one point the adult spoonbill came swooping in landing next to a juvie. I’m not sure if the adult caught the youngster in mid preen or if he was just scratching his head, but he sure appeared surprised when the older bird dropped in on him.

Finally the rain sent me off but I left our quartet busily feeding away…

Unexpected Spoonbill Arrival

Unexpected Spoonbill Arrival

Unexpected Spoonbill Arrival


4 thoughts on “Well That May Have Been Unexpected

  1. Isn’t that young spoonie cute?! I have noticed here that when our birds feed heavily it usually means that there is cold weather coming. The feeders are going down rapidly over the last day or so, so I wonder …?

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