Still At It

Well our four pink visitors are still here and still hard at work feeding in the salt marsh.

Sometimes they work as a team, other times they get a surprise guest appearance by a little snowy.

We are still happy to see these guys and hope they continue to enjoy the marsh.

Spoonbills Still At It

Spoonbills Still At It

14 thoughts on “Still At It

        • When we had all our flooding rain a few weeks back, every morning for four days there would be a snowy and a juvenile ibis feeding together in an area that was supposed to be dry grass but now had inches of water. It was just the two of them together, no other birds, this lasted until the area dried off then I guess they went on their separate ways again. Or… maybe not.

            • It’s funny how sometimes they interact and other times not. There is a certain flock mentality to it all but still differences can matter. While other times we can just see mobs of many different species all getting along, at least while the fishing is good anyway.

    • The only problem was that the King Tide is back for a few days. This is an abnormally high tide mostly resulting from the moons closer position. It brought in all those dried reeds which covered walkways and roads. It’s been one thing after another. We had a King Tide just the week before we got the huge flooding rains which is part of what made the rain worse.
      All this is rare for us where we are used to it almost always being a nice sunny day.

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