“Hey Guy, Nice Catch!”

On a recent afternoon, this wood stork came gliding in low across the salt marsh.

The funny part is that if you look closely in the lower right corner of the first photo, and the lower left corner of the second photo, you can see a blue heron standing there in the water with nice size fish hanging out of his yap.

Woody seemed excited for his friend’s good fortune. Well, actually I made that part up. Woody more probably wishes he had caught that fish!

Hey Guy Nice Catch

Hey Guy Nice Catch

Hey Guy Nice Catch

13 thoughts on ““Hey Guy, Nice Catch!”

    • Yes I’m sure our old pal Woody is planning on getting in on some of the excellent fishing action now that he’s seen big blue grab a nice one.
      Well I’m trying to get back at it again. Thanks Maggie!

    • Yeah same here! The spoonies very often hang around with the wood storks. In fact, on particularly windy days it *appears* that the spoonbills will tuck in behind the storks and use those big stork bodies as wind breaks. Clever birds!

  1. Very nice, Phil–, In our waters the Great Blues are so territorial that they will not allow any other waders near their territory.

    • Thanks very much for checking these out.
      In our area the herons and egrets often act very territorial as well. Sometimes an egret or blue heron will fly a considerable distance across the marsh to chase off another bird.But it’s mostly within the same species. Egrets chasing egrets. Sometimes an egret and blue heron can fish right next to each other (along with some snowys) with no issues. Other times they can’t stand being around another bird. Not sure how they decide. 🙂

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