The Little Guys Were Out

There is a certain side area of the marsh pond where most of the little alligators (4 footers) kind of hang out. It’s a good strategy as it’s always best to keep clear of the big guys who often feel the need to show some muscle and push around the newcomers. It’s nothing personal, they just have to establish who’s boss around here.

Most of the youngsters are just kind of laying around in the sun and doing a minimal bit of exploring. But at least one found some tasty treat to crunch down which is a good move. You have to eat well if you hope to some day grow up to be head gator in charge.

The Little Guys Were Out

The Little Guys Were Out

The Little Guys Were Out

The Little Guys Were Out

5 thoughts on “The Little Guys Were Out

    • They do have to learn if they ever hope to sit at the adult table. 🙂
      Yes, it is getting warmer here, we are however still dealing with the yellow pine tree pollen that covers everything.
      That will hopefully be mostly over by the weekend.

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