Hey Pal, Nice Tail Feathers!

Bald eagle flying directly over my head on a recent afternoon had his tail nicely lit up by the high noon sunlight.

Bald Eagle Direct Overhead Flight

4 thoughts on “Hey Pal, Nice Tail Feathers!

  1. Great shot. Your captions virtually always give me a chuckle. Have you ever written up a description of the workflow you use to organize your photos? I’d be interested in a copy if it’s available. Thanks for all the great shots. Bill

  2. Thea reckons that in the UK it is considered to be lucky if a seagull poops on you – not so, though, should it be one of these fellows! Such a beautiful shot, Phil!

    • I could never understand how being pooped on would be lucky, Imagine if you’re out somewhere all day and you can’t get home to have a shower. Yuck.

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