He Had Comments

I stopped over to the marsh briefly this afternoon and quickly noticed our pal here climbing up out of the water after picking out his spot for a nice afternoon snooze.

But surprisingly, he had a few choice remarks to make prior to settling in for the day. First he puffed out his throat and bellowed loudly. Then he glared over at me and had a few other things to say. I’m sure he was just being friendly and wanted to give a warm greeting. 🙂

He Had Comments

He Had Comments

22 thoughts on “He Had Comments

    • I was planning to stay put exactly where I was and hoping he was planning the same. Turned out that yes indeed he was just picking out a nice nap spot. But… he did have a few opening remarks. Point was well taken. 🙂

    • Well, I had to figure he was (mostly) OK with me being there, at least I hope so. But he was not on his best behavior.
      He better adjust that attitude before tourist season really picks up. 🙂

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