Stuff From Today

Spent some time over at the marsh this afternoon. Not a lot going on but, there was an appearance by our good buddy Mr. A along with a select few of his friends. Unfortunately, they were not interested in doing anything very exciting. Ok, in truth, they weren’t interesting in doing anything period. All I saw was a lot of dozing in the sun and a little half hearted slow motion swimming.

The first photo is a rare shot from today of our pal with his eyes open! Wow! That was (kind of) exciting!

In between the alligator action, I was watching this cute little sora rail flittering about back and forth searching for yummy treats. I love the white ‘chicken tail’!

A bit later, one of Mr. A’s friends was less than concerned about an egret that decided to fish in ‘his’ area. I think that egret could have safely walked across the sleepy alligator’s back with zero repercussions.

Before leaving, I was treated to the sight of this swallow tail kite gliding above the trees along the edge of the marsh. Always love to see these amazing birds fly so effortlessly, with hardly a flap of those wings. I only wish this bird would have flown in a little closer. I requested a circle back with a close in fly-by but was ignored. Oh well, maybe next time.

Stuff From Today

Stuff From Today

Stuff From Today

Stuff From Today

5 thoughts on “Stuff From Today

  1. What a beautiful biopic of life in the marsh! Such a great capture of the little water rail – they are such elusive little birds. The interaction between the gators and egrets never fails to intrigue. The swallowtail kite is a gorgeous bird and I love the way you have caught the sunlight!

  2. That is so beautiful seeing life on the marsh, I bought a book from a second hand book shop years ago called “One day at Teton Marsh” its about all these different Animals.

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