Footprints In The Sand…

Early this morning we spotted signs that at some point in the night a momma loggerhead sea turtle had come out from the ocean and walked across the sand to make a nest and lay her eggs in the dunes.

As summer approached, many signs of sea turtle nests have been spotted by individuals and various volunteer groups that monitor the situation along the coast.

If all goes well, in about two months we may be seeing sights such as this baby seen in the last two photos which were taken in August of last year in the same general area here at the beach.

When looking at these tiny creatures it’s amazing that even one could survive it’s journey to the gulf stream, but indeed many will. Hopefully 35 years from now this baby, if it’s a female, will return to it’s original nesting site to also lay eggs and complete the cycle.

Turtle Tracks 01

Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks


8 thoughts on “Footprints In The Sand…

  1. Any clue as to which was coming and which were going back to the ocean? I was thinking the zig-zagging line might be after all that work digging and laying eggs.

  2. Oh Phil, these are such emotive pictures! Your truly brilliant blog of December 31st 2012 was my introduction to your wonderful posts. It made me cry then and still brings tears to my eyes today, to see that tiny, determined little creature making its perilous way down that beach to the huge ocean. It puts everything into perspective in life. How lovely to see this circle of life happening all over again.Thank you!

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