Working Hard

The ospreys have been all over the place around the salt marsh for the past couple of days. These really are some hard working birds unlike a certain other lazy pirate bald eagle which shall remain nameless.

These two ospreys pictured here were successful with a catch, but they so often miss when diving down for a fish. That, along with the  seemingly endless flying and circling over a likely area, has to take a lot of energy. But at least in these cases they got to keep their reward as ‘you know who’ didn’t come blasting in out of nowhere in an attempt to steal the prize.





12 thoughts on “Working Hard

        • For several years now I’ve been getting the same feeling about our current DSLRs that I used to get when looking at film cameras… we are looking at dinosaurs.
          In a not too distant future you will be able to take a much nicer picture with a camera (in some form) that you can fit in your pocket.
          I saw the handwriting on the wall back about 15 years ago when I sold off all my MF film gear when I could still get a decent buck for it. That stuff has close to zero value now. Most of our current stuff will follow suit eventually. I’m not spending a dime on new gear at this point.

    • The ospreys have really turned the whole place into their own private fishing hole, they have been working all over.
      Except it’s not all that private. There are still 100 or so wood storks, plus herons, egrets, ibis, and of course the standard gull. So it can get busy at times.

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