Taking A Break

An anhinga took a break from fishing in the salt marsh earlier this week and was utilizing the standard anhinga wing drying pose.

Although anhingas are water birds and feed by catching fish under the water, they are not ‘water proof’ in the traditional sense. They need to spread their wings to dry them off in the sun before going back at it again later. I always say they look like wet cats coming out of the water, and their feathers look a lot like cat fur when dry. 🙂

They also tend to keep their heads on a swivel while drying, always continuously looking in every direction possibly for predators which in this area would include alligators.


7 thoughts on “Taking A Break

    • They generally appear to be perpetually alert! I like these birds and still always think their feathers look like cat fur.
      Thanks for looking Maggie and I hope you enjoyed the bonfire and fireworks!

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