Red Moon Rising

I stayed up a bit late last night to see the blood red super wolf moon eclipse (or whatever the heck it’s called) and wouldn’t you know it would turn out to be our coldest night of the Winter so far. In fact I’m still cold.

The eclipse was kind of cool, and the moon eventually started taking on a reddish color, but I only stayed out briefly to get a few quick grab shots.

We do have an owl that often hangs out in one of our nearby trees but I suppose I would have needed night vision equipment to capture him, so that accounts for the lack wildlife photos in this post, moon only! 

red moon 02

23 thoughts on “Red Moon Rising

  1. Thank you for this fabulous picture, Phil! We got the supermoon, with its wonderful light but we didn’t get the red moon. Lucky you! Temperatures here are down to -4 at night now, with a thick frost this morning. The bird feeders are emptying as fast as I can fill them.

    • Thanks a million Maggie!
      We still have yet to get Winter here and I don’t think we have gotten a proper frost once so far.
      I know what you mean about the feeders though, the birds practically stand on Alyce’s head as she stands there adding the seeds and nuts. Impatient lot these little birdies! 🙂

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