Fishing Practice

This morning we were watching a couple of young brown pelicans working their fishing techniques over at the salt marsh.

Brown pelican fishing has to be hard on the head, as their method basically consists of diving down face first into the water and hoping to come up with some fish as a reward!

Although the birds we saw were indeed juveniles, even as adults they will continue to feed in much the same way. Some practice is required however…as it does take a bit of practice to refine the technique, making it hopefully less stressful on their heads.

Juv Brown Pelican Fishing 01

Juv Brown Pelican Fishing 02

Juv Brown Pelican Fishing 03

4 thoughts on “Fishing Practice

  1. These Globemasters of the bird world are such stunning creatures Phil – you have captured them beautifully, as usual! I guess this is a classic case of practice makes perfect!

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