On An Evening Hunt

Earlier we had an alligator cruising the salt marsh in search of a dinner. His preference would be some nice, crunchy blue crabs, but none were to be found.

He settled on the alternate method of gathering food which involved thrashing about in the water, scaring up numerous bait fish and shrimp. The gator had to work a bit harder, but it ends up making for a very satisfying meal and a full belly.

7 thoughts on “On An Evening Hunt

  1. Oh my! He’s a real beauty. 😍 Love your action photos, Phil. I’m keeping a look out for our ‘gator, but so far he’s a no-show. I know he’s there somewhere, but I’m not going swimming around looking for him. 🤣

    • This one is a pretty good boy, well behaved, at least toward me.
      Maybe you can lure your friendly neighborhood alligator out with a nice present. 🙂
      I’ve always wanted to slip a waterproof watch on the wrist of one of our’s that’s sleeping on the edge of the marsh, that way we would always know which one he was. But I don’t think I could pull it off.
      I used to tell tourists that the gator was rubber and you could squeeze his nose to find out. But one of the wildlife rangers suggested I stop doing that. Too much paperwork he said if it all goes wrong. 😉

  2. Great pictures – good to see one of your alligators again, Phil! I loved your comment about the wristwatch – it reminded me of the crocodile in Peter Pan. Your ranger is a spoilsport!

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