Last week when the spoonbills were in, we also had the usual crowd of wood storks, ibis, blue herons, great and snowy egrets all chasing the assorted schools of fish and shrimp.

While several other people moved over to watch the spoonies in the marsh, I kept my eye on this one lone egret because he had that look which I knew meant lunch was about to be served. And indeed it was, the egret came up with a nice fish meal.

Since I was the only person nearby, the egret took a few steps toward me to proudly show off his fresh caught seafood specialty. I was of course appropriately impressed.

11 thoughts on “Lunch

    • Oh I can imagine. 😉 Surprisingly, many of the birds we see feeding along the edge of the marsh pretty much ignore people like me shoving cameras in their faces.
      Thanks for checking these out Fred!

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