Coming And Going

We still have a good size number of wood storks feeding and roosting in and around the salt marsh area. Here is a portion of one group converging on a seafood feast along with a few egrets at low tide.

Inevitably, one wood stork will jump off and fly to a new section, frequently one at a time and the rest will soon follow.

I watched a few individuals leave the crowd and fly away to their new fishing hole always in hopes of hitting the jackpot.

Some say the wood storks have a face only a mother could love but they are interesting birds and among the fastest of all the wading birds in snapping their beaks shut on a fish.

4 thoughts on “Coming And Going

  1. They are certainly not the most beautiful of birds but nonetheless interesting, for all that. It seems that as soon as one flies off, the others think there must be something better there, so they follow. The sheep are like that, in the fields by us.

  2. wow these are really awesome pictures beautiful birds and beautiful ohotograohy thanks again Ohil as always great seeing ur ohitigraohy and the beauty of nature

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