Is He Supposed To Be Here?

A spoonbill had joined a trio of snowy egrets when suddenly an alligator came slowly gliding in.

The snowys didn’t seem at all concerned but the spoonbill was a very young bird and likely had little experience with alligators.

Actually, the alligator seemed a bit young as well so he was possibly somewhat bewildered along with the spoonie. In any case they all got along fine and ended up continuing along with their day as normal.

7 thoughts on “Is He Supposed To Be Here?

  1. Oh my…everybody getting along and having a nice day! Tell ya’, animals have much to teach us human beings when it comes to knowing what’s really important. 😀 Say…this reminds me of our characters from a year or so ago: Radar and Mr. A! Are they still around?

  2. love your photography it reminds their is still so much nature out there but would u believe that last year i saw egrets in Staten Island? i cudnt believe it the same as in Florida & thgt i was seeing things but wild turkeys out there rven saw a baby tarintula what in the world was it doing on my friends screen on her window she told me that after the cold there is ususlly a baby one or a bigger i said what kind of borough in nyc is yhis with tropical birds a tartuala that i thgt wud nvr survive outside in the cold winters she said that the tartuala goes into some holes in the bricks in her bldg and thats her nest i guess and oribsbly has the father too but egrets in staten island,NY the one boro i really dont know but has tropical wild life their is also these cute woodchucks that ive only sern upstate ny thats one boro most people don’t go lol….. but nvr knew that they had wild turkeys too but wonder why they would go there? who knows but too bad i didn’t hv my camera and also they have possum just like in fla but much fatter and much cuter what a strange boro of nyc yet theres even nature in nyc and saw also a real grasshopper in bklyn up close that i took a picture of and said to myself i nvr saw any nature here but nvr saw a grasshopper either not so up close not in the tropics or in the woods or mountains either, tso you never know but
    if i started to see pelicans and flamingos walking in manhattan then i really wud wonder x! thanks again Ohil

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