Quiet Morning

I did a quick stop over by the salt marsh this morning and there was a pretty good crowd of the usual suspects in the area. Great blue and great white egrets, white ibis, a ton of wood storks and a few alligators. But I only saw one young spoonbill who was fishing there in the marsh at low tide.

On the way out I also grabbed a shot of an anhinga that had just finished an underwater prowl and was now fluffing her feathers.

It was good to see a variety of wildlife all in the same area with one stop shopping! 


6 thoughts on “Quiet Morning

  1. So good to hear that the Marsh is well populated! Anhingas are such fascinating birds and there is something really cute about the spoonbills, Phil. Thank you for these great pictures. So good to see you on the Marsh again!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your emails, especially when I can”t get to Huntington to see the beauty for myself.

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