Gliding In

Earlier I was watching this adult brown pelican flying circles around the marsh area during high tide.

I waited for a bit until the big guy came gliding in right toward me just above the water level. I wondered if he was using his wing tips to help judge the proper flight height. Humm…”Flight Height”, sounds like a great name for new flying app.  🙂 

9 thoughts on “Gliding In

  1. Phil, as always, it’s a treat to receive your postings in my Inbox! I thought to share a brief story: this June, a lone Spoonbill was found hangin’ out in one of our great wildlife refuges here in DC-Northern Virginia, and boy was it the talk of the town! It was even in the papers. Not a lot of local birders/folk here have ever seen a Spoonbill and so you can imagine the awe and excitement. …I went to the refuge yesterday and was told the beauty has not been sighted for a few weeks now. I could only hope it decided to fly back home where it belongs. DC can be a brutish place especially for such majestic creatures.

    • Wow! That is an absolutely amazing story! I can imagine the sight of such a bird attracting people from all over. I do hope it found some pink friends and they all headed south. Although, even in here along the SC coast we have been getting sightings earlier than we used to. For several years they started to arrive like clockwork around the first week in July. Now, if we some in May it’s not a huge shock. They still like to hang around with the wood storks, so that remains. Hope your visitor was treated kindly in DC. 🙂

    • Hi Maggie, so glad you liked the pelican fly by! I’ll let you know if my new app idea ever takes off,or, gets off the ground. Ok, sorry for the bad puns. 🙂
      Liverpool is back on Saturday!

  2. Outstanding, Phil. I’ve followed you for several (many!) years, and this is up there with the best you kindly let me use in the past for ‘missing’ species in Bahamas. For which many thanks…

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