Late Arrival

Late Thursday afternoon, just as we were about to leave, we saw this Double-crested Cormorant make a brisk arrival in the salt marsh.

Most of the other birds had already left but this fellow’s plan was not to make friends, it was there to fish. The tide had been coming in bringing not only the water level up to a point the cormorants like it, but also hopefully a fresh supply of tasty fish.

Cormorant Landing

Cormorant Landing

Cormorant Landing

28 thoughts on “Late Arrival

    • At this point I would much rather see anhingas. The cormorants are everywhere and I really like how the anhingas fish, spearing it and then flinging it in the air!
      Thanks for checking these out!

  1. The second shot really does look like water skiing. I love the take-offs. Next to the gulls, these guys are the most commonly seen out here year round. We only get the herons and egrets in the winter and they’re very shy about being photographed.

    • Thanks for checking these out and commenting Gunta, and glad you like them!
      We are lucky in our area that many of the herons and egrets get fairly used to seeing people and vehicles and don’t always immediately fly off. We can always spot the youngsters and newcomers because those will be the ones that will fly away as we approach.

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