Happy New Year! (My Favorite Post From 2012)

I would like to wish all my WP blog friends, and everyone else who views my blog through a variety of different methods, a very healthy and happy New Year!

Also at this time I thought it might be nice to revisit what was my personal favorite post I made in 2012, “Hello World, Here I Come!!!”.


This, as many of you will likely remember, was the story of a baby loggerhead sea turtle’s first glimpse of life outside of it’s nest on the beach. My wife and I marveled as this tiny yet determined creature marched fearlessly down the beach toward the massive ocean laid out in front of it. Witnessing this emotional scene caused us to wonder how even one of these little turtles could ever make it and survive such an imposing journey, but thankfully many do. In fact, if this little one happens to be a female, in 30 years it could potentially return to this exact same beach, and to this very same spot to lay it’s own eggs and help continue on with nature’s cycle. It’s possible this baby turtle’s mother left this beach back in the 1980s on a similar journey when she was a baby. Imagine that?! This possibility offers great hope I feel.  And hope is the message of this post. Hope for the future of all of us, even when presented with what appear to be insurmountable odds and challenges. If this tiny creature feels it can conquer the enormous task it now must face and make it far out to the Gulf Stream all by itself and survive into adulthood, then there has to be hope. Hope for us that we can face up to and successfully confront the challenges of our every day life not just in 2013 but for many years to come.

Sea Turtle

Happy New Year everyone!

83 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (My Favorite Post From 2012)

  1. I have a lot of favorites, but I have to say this one and the whole series leading up to it takes the prize. Great way to start the New Year….

  2. Hi Phil, my daughter, the Foraging Photographer, told me about your blog and I just made my first visit! Your pictures are breathtaking and the little loggerhead taking the first steps on his/her incredible journey brought tears to my eyes. I shall visit often and thank you for an insight into your wonderful wildlife. A very Happy New Year to you!

    • Hi Maggie, so nice of you to stop in here for a visit, I truly appreciate your interest and very kind comments.
      We also found the baby turtle story quite emotional which is a large part of why it was my favorite post for 2012.
      I also enjoy your Lucy’s photos very much and wish you both a very happy New Year!

  3. I was a little late to this party, Phil, and didn’t see the little guy the first time around, so thanks for the rerun. That photo and your sentiments are perfect inspiration for a new year.

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