He…Or She…Has Got The Right Idea

This weekend it’s sunny but cold here along the South Carolina coast. Last weekend however, when I took this photo, it was sunny and warm! So naturally our good pal Mr. Alligator was out taking advantage of the pleasant weather by finding a nice comfy spot in the swamp to relax in and soak up some sun.

Although I say “Mr.” Alligator, we are speculating that this could in fact be a dainty female. This individual has a smaller head then we would generally expect from a gator with such a long tail. So it may possibly be the exceptionally alluring *Miss* Alligator out there sunbathing!

In any case it sure is a nice, and smart way to spend a morning!

Alligator in the Sun

28 thoughts on “He…Or She…Has Got The Right Idea

    • Oh yeah for sure, I’m with the alligators when it comes to enjoying some nice warm sunlight. 😀
      Supposed to be 21C here by Tue. & Wed. so I’ll be back at the swamp looking for my bathing beauties.

  1. I’ve never before thought of an alligator as pretty, but this one does seem to be nicely proportioned and not at all battle-scarred. It’s amazing to see the variety of textures, too. Very nice photo!

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