“This Looks Like A Good Spot To Dry Off”

Thursday afternoon I noticed this unlikely pair both taking advantage of the sun and the breeze. The anhinga needed to dry his wings, and the alligator just needed a nap. The alligator never paid any attention to the bird but the anhinga did keep his eyes open and stayed alert, you know, just in case…

Alligator and Anhinga on GI

33 thoughts on ““This Looks Like A Good Spot To Dry Off”

    • Yes it seems to be better for everyone when one of the residents is not eating another of the residents. 😀
      Of course, the alligator may not see it that way.

  1. It’s interesting they look slow, cumbersome and prehistoric and yet – if they decide to move fast …. (the alligator I mean. Obviously). If he’s having a snooze why has he left his tail in the water? Or perhaps he is politely trying not to intimidate the anhinga?

    • I have seen alligators run so yes they can indeed move very quickly. 😯 They often snooze half in and half out of the water. I’m not sure they realize it or actually even care.

    • That anhinga was ready to use his wings if needed. Even if the alligator had any ‘interest’, it loses the element of surprise by laying out in the open like that. Gators are better at being stealthy and approaching from under the water.
      I’m just south of Myrtle Beach.

    • I was not too close but I don’t think (don’t think, ha) it would matter as the gator was more interested in his nap then dealing with me or the birds.
      Thanks I’m glad you liked this shot Paula!

  2. Well, personally, I would keep a much larger distance between myself and a creature with such a large jaw and sharp teeth. I wouldn’t want to be lunch.
    I have seen cormorants perch on a stump or rock with their wings outstretched like this. Now I know they are drying off their wings, rather than showing them off.

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