It’s Mother’s Day Here In The U.S.

Since it is Mother’s Day here in the U.S. I thought it might be pleasant and appropriate to post a fine array of bright red tulips in celebration of all the moms out there on their special day.

However…just so you folks don’t think I have gone all soft by posting a flower photo, I will also present a sentimental and more traditional photo typical of Phil Lanoue Photography. So here’s a touching image of Mrs. Alligator with her baby relaxing on momma’s back! What could be more heartwarming? 🙂

Red Tulips At Brookgreen Gardens

Mom and Baby Alligators

72 thoughts on “It’s Mother’s Day Here In The U.S.

  1. Great photos! Komisch, how “sweet” an alligator can be, with a little one on the side… 🙂
    In Germany and England where I spend most of my time, today is Mother’s Day as well. Only in Norway, where I’m at the moment, we celebrate Mother’s day the second Sunday in February. I constantly tend to forget, oh dear…
    Love from the Far North

    • Looks like all mom got was some duckweed and a little swamp algae for Mother’s Day. But I bet she told the kids it was a perfect gift! 🙂 Thanks much for checking this out Steve!

    • You know I think you have hit on something potentially big here! InterGator! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a package with a happy alligator inside?! 😀
      Actually years ago here in the states a kid could actually order a live baby alligator from an ad on the back of a comic book. 😯 I never did try that though, my parents would likely have been less then pleased.

    • She is smiling but yes at the same time making sure I don’t have any funny ideas regarding her babies (there were more nearby) I would never even consider trying to get too close to a protective Mrs. Alligator with young. 😯
      Thanks for looking at these Maggie!

  2. It’s so tiny, that baby-gator. I don’t know of any animal that is so small as a baby and so very big as a grownup. The look on mummy Gator’s face : she brought the cheeky-ist of her babies for its first baby-picture, I’m sure.

    • Every once in a while I’ll slip in a flower just to see if anyone is paying attention. 😉 🙂
      One thing about a flower though…I don’t have to get out of it’s way as it approaches me with a menacing look on it’s face. 😀

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