Splashing Around

Yesterday evening we were watching this alligator sloshing around in the salt marsh in search of dinner. The alligators don’t live in the salt marsh, they prefer fresher water, but they will visit at times when they get a craving for something a little different then what they might normally find in the pond area.

This alligator was gliding along slowly when he must have spotted something, possibly a crab, and he suddenly lunged up from the marsh straining water and plunging over to his right with a huge splash. I never did see what he got or even if he got anything, but that is also part of their feeding process. Making a big splash like that can often get fish or crabs all stirred up and in a panic which can make them easier to catch. 

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

52 thoughts on “Splashing Around

    • There were a few birds in the immediate area but the way this guy was jumping around they quickly left the scene. I took that as a sign I should stay out of the water as well.

    • Thanks and I think he was having a pretty good time. He took breaks too, there were a few times he went under the water and I would not see him for maybe 10 minutes until he popped back up again. 🙂

    • Well I was quite calm, and the gator was, well, being a gator, but the birds did not care for him at all and they promptly left the area when he started all his jumping about. That is actually somewhat unusual as the birds often hang around hopes of getting some fish the gators miss. But not this time. 😯
      Glad you liked the pics Sylvia!

  1. I can’t imagine what it must look like to have an alligator sleuthing in the water, looking to make you dinner. I wonder what would happen if you splashed the gator back in the face…? Great shots, as always!

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